Monday, October 26, 2020

How Compliments Can Make Someone's Day Better

It's Monday and the blues hit me hard. I was like a hard-starting diesel car. Dragged my feet along to get myself in the zone. I guess I got too tired yesterday when we went to the mall to pick up my new eyeglasses. That snowballed to my listlessness early this morning. 

Things changed rapidly when a colleague complimented my skin. Yes, my skin! To get in the mood today I put more moisturizer than usual. I guess I was shimmering on video hahaha, thus the compliment. I wasn't expecting to receive a compliment. It meant so much more because it came from a Korean! 

That was exactly what I needed this morning. It made me feel I was doing something right. It was a simple gesture, but it changed the course of my day. What about you? Do you like giving compliments? 

P.S. I just discovered that there's a national compliments day! It's celebrated every 24th of January. So I guess this is an advanced post from me! Haha.

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