Thursday, October 1, 2020

Bird Encounters Across the Globe

I think all birds are majestic. I'm happy I get to see from our balcony flocks of birds flying everyday. There was a time last month we saw a nice variety of migratory birds. The came in different sizes and colors and some really looked unique. When I get the chance I hope I can visit the Jurong Bird Park again (I hope they extend the one year free entrance benefit we got last year).

I take photos of birds whenever I get a chance. It's hard though since they never stay still. I have friends who are bird watchers and I'm always in awe of their bird photography skills. Here are some cute bird photos I took while traveling -

Hornbill, Bali, Indonesia (2006)

Ostriches, Davao, Philippines (2009)

Swan, Zurich, Swtizerland (2012)

Raven, Tokyo, Japan (2015)

Seagull, San Francisco, USA (2017)

Caspian gull, Rome, Italy (2018)

Peacock, Singapore (2018)

Ibis, Sydney, Australia (2019)

Goose, Nami Island, Korea (2019)

Birds are beautiful creatures. I'm so fascinated with them I watch vloggers who have pet birds! I'm just curious how they take care of the birds, but I have no plans on getting one as a pet since it looks like a lot of work. Take care of Mother Nature and we will continue to see these majestic creatures. 

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