Thursday, October 15, 2020

Options to Get Out of the House

Things are changing here in Singapore. More shops are open now, but socializing is still limited. I read that the government will be sharing phase 3 plans soon. I'm just staying home and go out only for essential stuff. 

I think I'm beyond cabin fever now. I was feeling really anxious last May about being stuck at home. By June I had accepted the fact that things will be this way for now. I used to travel a lot (which is the main reason why I haven't been regularly blogging for many years) and I miss those days. 

There is a campaign now for locals and residents of Singapore to do local tourism and here's a list of some options I've so far seen:

  • Visit the bird park and zoo
  • Visit Sentosa, I read you need to register if you want to visit the beach 
  • Hotel staycation, cheaper prices too!
  • Hotel workation, skip working from home and work-at-hotel
  • Cruise to nowhere, yup! Just hope on a cruise ship and they'll bring you around for a spin for a few days
  • Dine on an airplane! I checked this out, it's bit expensive, but if you really miss riding a plane, why not?
I'm taking baby steps for now, like possibly having dinner tomorrow with my lunchmates at McDonald's across the street. We'll probably walk around the park after if the air quality is better tomorrow. We are on rotation now in the office, but I still can't go because I'm not allowed to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time. 

The workation sounds tempting, so maybe I'll try that. Or maybe a staycation. Or maybe we can visit the bird park again since it's near where we live now. I'm also quite interested in the cruise, but I think Miggy would be more interested in it than Sweetie. Knowing myself, I'll probably stay home and bury myself in my other projects lol. I honestly just want to see my Mom and Miggy now. 

What would you choose?

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