Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Progress! One Day at a Time

I went out to see one of my doctors today. He said my determination is strong. I improved a lot in the past few weeks. The dosage of my medication was adjusted. It took awhile for my body to adjust to the new dosage, but I think it's working because I can breathe better now. 

I'm so grateful to all the doctors who are taking care of me. They each have their own expertise and experience, but they are all working collectively to get me better. One of the medications was causing acidity. It eventually started causing weird pain on my sides. 

Good thing another doctor saw this and gave me something to counter the issue. There were days I could barely move because of the pain. It's gone now and that's helped me be more mobile everyday. I'm now able to cook and wash dishes more often! Yay!

Taking things one day at a time for now. My previous medication caused me to gain so much weight. I lost almost 4 kilograms since April. I hope with more exercise I can lose more. This will help ease the burden on my heart. Now we just need to solve the mystery of where my clots are coming from. Fingers crossed!

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