Friday, June 11, 2021

Time to Watch Trese!

We've been looking forward to watching Trese on Netflix since it was announced in 2019. I remember seeing a placeholder on Netflix back in August 2019. I took a screenshot of it to send to Sweetie. I knew he'd be excited for his friend, Budjette Tan. And now it's finally available on Netflix. 

c2008 at Mangaholix

I've always been fascinated with Philippine mythology. Back when I was in college I used to write short stories featuring the amalanhig (vampires), tiktik and aswangs. I remember borrowing the book of Philippine mythological creatures from the library several times. It was fun to learn about the creatures and where they usually appear. I'd remember them at odd times especially when I'm travelling (haha, recounts here). 

I'll let the trailer of Trese talk more about what the movie is about. I think it's a great example to learn a bit more about Filipino culture. So if you're my friend from other cultures, please watch Trese (it's available in English and Japanese!). Let it be your weekend binge :D

Congratulations Budjette and Kajo! I wish there'd be more episodes! 

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