Monday, June 21, 2021

First Swab

Despite frequent visits to the hospital I've never had to do a swab test. I've heard many horror stories about how uncomfortable it is. One of the reasons why I rarely go out is because I'd like to avoid getting swabbed. I even got lucky last month when I had cardiac catheterization. My doctor said it was eventually required the day after my procedure.

Well, I got a huge surprise today when reception told me I was going to get swabbed. I even tried to rope in Sweetie to get swabbed too. Haha. Since he's just my companion they said he wasn't required.

The nurse came to my room in full PPE and explained to me that it would be really uncomfortable. She reassured me it will be over quickly. She proceeded with swabbing me when I said I was ready. It was uncomfortable, but not so bad. I guess having experienced nasal endoscopy prepares you for the discomfort. Luckily I did not have a sneezefest after the swab lol.

Pray for me. I'm doing a procedure today to hopefully solve a 3-year mystery.

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