Saturday, June 26, 2021

Thank You PNoy

Today Former President Noynoy Aquino was laid to rest beside his parents. I've been reading articles written by his former staff. Watched a couple of the eulogies. It's interesting to learn more about PNoy as a person. Looking back, hearing about his personal life was very rare during his presidency. 

Former Secretary Rene Almendras explained he understood PNoy better after reading Ninoy's letter to him. His father had instructed him to take care of his mother and sisters. That alone was a huge responsibility, but he eventually carried the torch his parents started. I can just imagine the personal sacrifice he did to fulfill his responsibilities. His death is a timely reminder to us that we must continue the fight. 

"The Filipino is worth dying for." - Ninoy

"The Filipino is worth living for." - PNoy

MLQ added this line in his tribute, "The Filipino is worth fighting for."

Thank you PNoy for your service for all of us. 

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