Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nancy Drew!

I found a movie on Netflix that piqued my interest, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. The reason why I wear eyeglasses is because I read a lot when I was young. I remember saving my allowance so I could buy books at National Bookstore. 

I think I was in fourth grade when I started reading Bobbsey Twins. I remember I'd read on the way to Lucena on the bus. We'd go there on weekends to visit my Dad. He was back then assigned there as a judge at a RTC. Eventually I discovered the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys hardbound books in our basement. We had more Hardy Boys books than Nancy Drew books and I enjoyed every single one of them. 

So I watched the movie while working on a quilt blanket this afternoon. I enjoyed the movie and it was interesting to see they had set it to present day. Now I'm curious to see if there are other Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys films. Maybe on HBO or Disney+? I've been thinking of signing up for it, maybe just for a month or two. Watching movies has been good company while I sew hehe. 

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