Sunday, June 13, 2021

Why Didn't I?

FB and Google Photos is making me miss traveling more. I see photos everyday reminding me about visiting different places. Most of my travels were business related. I had very little time to explore and I was always rushing back home to my family. I also always thought that I would come back for leisure with my family. Well, that's what I thought. 

Now that I've been grounded for more than a year, sometimes I ask myself why didn't I spend more time exploring when I had the chance. It was two things: (1) An insane discipline to strictly business when I traveled for work; and (2) My energy would be spent by end of the work day and I just wanted to rest at the hotel. Well I think it was more #1 because of my upbringing haha. After having PE I was also scared something would happen to me, so I stayed out of trouble. 

I guess sometimes I could be so practical. I only take calculated risks since I didn't want to worry my family. There were times when I really struggled to walk to the office especially in cold weather. How I wish my body was better when I had a chance to travel. It's a wish not a regret. I was able to face the challenges because God only gives us trials we can bear. I look back at my travel memories fondly. 

So even though I never got to explore, I always go home bearing gifts for my family and friends. I'd always visit a grocery wherever I go. In Sydney, I go to Coles and buy ingredients for fruitcake. In Tokyo, I buy ingredients to make tamago and ramen. In Taiwan, I always bought chorizo, tea and milk tea. I was so happy for the extra weight SQ provided haha. One thing I also always did was visit craft stores, Lincraft in Australia, Yuzawaya and Tomato in Tokyo and the amazing Yongle fabric market in Taipei. 

I guess energy isn't an issue when you're doing something out of love. Just do it so you don't die wondering why :')

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