Monday, April 5, 2021

Let's Dream Again

It's Monday again! Start of a new week! I know I sounded so morose the last few days. I told myself I will focus on looking into the future this week. I have to anchor myself on where I want to be. That should help with my recovery. 

Over a decade ago someone told me, "You're not a dreamer. Wala kang pangarap." I fell quiet after he said that. Of course I vehemently denied it and told him I wouldn't be where I am if I did not have a dream. Honestly, I'm a very practical person. I take things one day at a time. I also only take calculated risks. I've been like that since I had Miggy. 

I realized all of this when I took a break in late 2019. I took baby steps at looking at my future. My plans though were foiled because of the pandemic. So I made a new wishlist and did most of it. I'm now letting myself look where I want to be in the next year, five years and 10 years from now. I'm creating a dream list. 

On top of that list is a proper home where my family will be complete. We have a tiny home in Manila, but I want to have a home with enough space. And in that home I want to have a craft room! Sweetie will probably want a man-cave too. I also want to have space where I can plant food. I wish though we could still have our cleaner who comes in once a week haha. 

So that's where I am for now. I tend to work out the practicalities in my mind when I think of my dreams. I should probably sit down make a proper list without thinking of practical matters. 

What about you? What's your dream?

“I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Matthew 11:24).

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