Saturday, April 24, 2021

Time Machine

Would you go on a time machine to go back to the past to change a choice you made?

I was watching an episode of Orange is the New Black last night. Lolly Whitehill was building a time machine. When she walked out from the gathering inmate counselor found her inside the time machine she was building. Lolly explained she wanted to go back in time to change some decisions made by government. They went on to talk about what they would do if they could go back in time. 

Would you go on a time machine? I was fascinated with Back to the Future when I was a child. I watched it again and again on VHS. It was interesting to think about going back in time to change choices you make. I never gave much thought about it for my own life, but more for history. It was only last night I asked myself, "What would I change if I could go back in time?"

For selfish reasons I think what I would just change would be those times I got sick and how I handled it. That was what immediately came to my mind last night because of the coming bad results of my scan. I'm bracing myself for the worst. I know though I should focus my time on praying for the best. 

I wouldn't have worried about it, but I felt quite concerned when the medtech told me it's not looking good, God bless you (and I don't think she's Catholic). My selfish reason is I want to grow old with my family. 

I'll probably be this antsy until I see and talk to my doctor next week. In the meantime, I'll focus on looking at the future when I'm old and gray with my family. I'm looking forward to tbe day when we could all go to the beach again, eat bottomless sushi and ravish many pots of spaghetti. 

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