Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Guess What's Back

One of my favorite things to do before was listen to the radio. I got this hobby from my parents who used to listen to their favorite station. If you're from the same generation you probably listened also to this radio show every Friday.

One of the Philippines' most popular radio shows is back! Lovenotes by Joe d Mango! Last night while looking through YouTube, Sweetie found this video by Joe d Mango announcing the return of Lovenotes

It was surreal to hear Joe d Mango's voice again. Apparently he left radio 14 years ago and moved to Canberra (source). I guess he'll be posting new episodes on his YouTube channel. He has some videos from 5 years ago and we listened to one episode. We couldn't help but chuckle at the episode. I guess because we're older and experienced now. 

Well, we hope he'll continue with the plan to post new episodes. He did mention you can send in your love problems to an email address (it's mentioned in the vid). 

Would you listen to Joe d' Mango again? 

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