Monday, April 26, 2021

My Last Physio Day

It was my last session today with my physiotherapist. It's a super sad day for me because Wendy took good care of me since I started seeing her. She's shown genuine care for me and made sure that I had the appropriate exercise I could manage. 

I believe she's one of the angels that's been sent for me. She's going back home this weekend and I hope she'd be able to accomplish what she's set out to do back home. I have to wait for my consultation with my doctor on Wednesday to know whether I should continue my PT. In the meantime I'll do the exercises on my own for now. 

Farewell Wendy, I hope to see you in the mountains when the pandemic is over :)

CB///Yr2/16  #StuckAtHomeDay/Yr2/43 #StayHome #BeKind  

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