Sunday, April 25, 2021


Sundays will always be family days. I remember when I was a child we'd hear mass on Sundays. My Dad would always buy me ice cream after hearing mass. Then we'd go home for lunch. Things changed when I became active in our church and our choir would serve on Saturdays and Sundays. My family expanded then and we'd spend weekends together. 

I super miss my choir family. In the last decade I've only been able to see them sparingly. Last time I saw them was in 2019. We had a get-together at my Mom's place and I surprised Papa Ray when I flew in to be in his birthday party. 

Things have changed so much. Most of us have our own families. A number of us moved to other countries. Some are still back home, still serving. I look forward to the day I could go back home and continue serving. And I look forward to the day we can all be together again just like old times. 

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