Thursday, April 15, 2021

How My Future was Shaped at 17

When I was 17 I was working on my thesis for my political science degree. Together with my groupmates we did a study on the mobilizational capabilities of the sangguniang kabataan. The study allowed me to get to know my home city better. For many months we hopped from one barangay to another to interview SK officials. 

With my thesismates, Alan and Jingo.

With Jingo at our uni.
I was fascinated with how things worked. After interviewing many SK chairs and councilors I was inspired and wanted to contribute back to my community. I told myself I'd like to become mayor of my city by the age of 30. 

Elections were coming up at that time and I was invited to run for SK chair of our barangay. My Dad was excited and supportive, but my Mom said no. It was the same no she told my Dad when he was invited to run for congress. Mom didn't want us to get involved in politics for many reasons. 

Looking back it was a good decision to follow my Mom's wishes. I wouldn't have survived or as my Mom says I'd probably get killed sooner or later. We can contribute anyway through other means. For now I've revived our Paranaque Life blog to help our neighbors find information about living in our city. 

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