Friday, February 12, 2021

What If

It's Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Far Cai! It's my third new year this year since I declared February 1 as a special new year for me. 

We're on day two of our staycation. Sweetie has been strict about resting so our routine has been eat-sleep-eat haha. We suspended calorie counting today since our target was ruined at breakfast. I hope we can burn some of the calories when we walk at the boardwalk tonight. 

During lunch today I told Sweetie that my cardiovascular surgeon advised me many years ago to drink a glass of beer or wine everyday. In my 20s I'd have a regular drink or two with my friends. During that time I rarely got sick haha. I stopped doing it when my cardiologist told me it was likely I would need heart surgery. 

So I asked myself, "What if I followed my doctor's advise to drink everyday after surgery?" What if I followed all his other recommendations? Would I be in a different place now? Maybe. Maybe not. 

But there's no use going down that path. It will just make me sad. I'm in this situation now and the best for me to do is work on getting better. It's been a slow slippery slope. I'm praying for more strength and patience as I go through this journey.

Achievement unlocked!

CB///309 #StuckAtHomeDay/339 #StayHome #BeKind

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