Monday, February 1, 2021

Self-Love: the Journey Back to Me

 It's the month of love and it's my new year! So I thought I'd move on now to how I want the rest of my year to be. I want the rest of my year to be full of love and I want to create more happy memories. 

Woke up early today to get my meds and breakfast out of the way. After that I worked on Sweetie's shampoo and then cleared out the kitchen trolley. I did those to understand my limits for now. I was exhausted before eleven so I retreated to the couch. I chanced upon this video by Bo Sanchez -

It got me thinking and I realized I really need to work on myself. In the past ten years since I moved to Singapore I gave up a huge part of my life. I failed to replenish my happiness tank. From watching Bo's video I realized I must not like myself too much because I put myself in this situation. I'm not going to dwell on it and will focus on healing. Here's what Bo advised to like yourself better -

"1 - Say no to toxic people; 2 - Activate your core needs; 3 - Change your self-dialogue; and 4 - Start  telling yourself what God tells you in the Word."

Today is my new year and this is the start of my journey back to me. 

And today's self-love comes in the form of a cupcake! Haha. 

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