Saturday, February 13, 2021

Back Home from Our Staycation

Home sweet home! We spent two nights at Sentosa Cove and now we're back home. My face feels a little bit burnt from the walks we took. It felt like it was hotter in that area since it was beside the sea. I hope I got a little color. Saw my legs yesterday and they were so white! Haha. I haven't had any vitamin sea in over a year now. 

Sentosa Cove is such a lovely area. It's been years since I last visited the place. I think the last time I was there was when my housemate, Jajah brought us there for brunch. It's a marina area where yachts park. It's surrounded with restos, cafes and hotels. I observed from our balcony many residents biking in the area or moving around with their golf carts. 

Our routine for our staycation was to eat-sleep-eat-sleep again and do a bit of walking. I wanted to head over to the Resorts World area, but Sweetie said I'd probably get exhausted. True enough I would nap after every meal since it involved walking to and from our room, haha. Sweetie said I conked out last night without saying good night to him. LOL. 

What I loved about our staycation was the new environment and experiences. I loved looking out the balcony and watching boats come in and out. I loved walking at the boardwalk. We also sat down in-between to rest and watch people pass by. There were families biking together, people walking dogs, groups of people heading to their yachts to party and lovers hhwwpssp*. One thing I wanted to do was just to sit and enjoy the breeze without a mask! The fresh air would've helped my lungs. 

It was a nice experience to hang out in that area. It's certainly different from my usual view of trees. And, of course, I'm always happy to be with Sweetie. Thank you Sweetie for the lovely staycation. I'll probably conk out early again tonight haha. 

*hhwwpssp - holding hands while walking pa-sway-sway pa.

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