Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day in Singapore

Valentine's was always tricky for me and Sweetie. There were several years when I was here in Singapore and he was in Manila. When we weren't married yet we avoided going out on V-day because of the traffic. And there were some instances either one of us was in the hospital on V-day. 

Sometimes Valentine's falls during the CNY festivities and going out on a date makes it harder. Going out on a date was out of the question so we celebrated across several days. The staycation was a surprise for Valentine's and for today we just ordered food ahead of time so we can have a nice dinner. 

This year was a bit different. The "Westies" invited us for a boodle fight for lunch. So we trooped over to the next building with some pancit and lumpiang shanghai*. Our friends outdid themselves with the set-up. They even had banana leaves and huge trays of food - freshly grilled liempo, lechon, shrimps, bangus, tortang talong, and aligue rice! And guess what, there was green mango and bagoong too. All my food dreams came true today!

The food we ordered arrived the same time we got home. Because we ate so much during lunch we ended up just eating the salad and part of the pizza. We'll just eat the rest of the food tomorrow haha. I also surprised Sweetie with a new toy. He was super surprised I got him something for Valentine's. He lit up like a Christmas tree when he opened my gift. I love surprising him every so often. 

On the other side of the region we surprised Miggy with flowers, a bear and the same food we ordered from Max's. The last time we were able to celebrate Valentine's together was last year. Miggy was still here and we just had food delivered also at home. I wish we could all be together soon!

*Thank God Max's Singapore delivers!

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