Wednesday, February 10, 2021

First Time Doing Physiotherapy Post-PE

PT OOTD. Need new shoes...
Whew! Before I start this post I'd like to thank everyone who have been posting comments here! So sorry I completely forgot I need to moderate it! I had set comment moderation many years ago to keep spammers out of my blog.They're an annoying bunch! Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I think I'll continue posting daily until this pandemic is over. 

Last week my PT clinic pinged me to ask if I'm ready to come back. I was really happy when my doctor agreed it was time for me to restart physiotherapy. My back has been hurting again and needed my amazing physiotherapist's magic. 

I was honestly nervous about it because sometimes when I overdo PT I get sick. It's almost CNY and I definitely don't want to end up in the hospital again. My PT is the most amazing person! She's been my PT for over a year now and has really shown care. My needs are so special it's really hard to find the right balance. 

I arrived early at the clinic. I was a little breathless so I sat down first on the couch to wait for Wendy. When she came out she immediately hugged me! She said she was so worried about me. I told her all the gory details before we started our session. She noticed I was breathless while I recounted what happened to me. I told her I so far only talk to Sweetie and my Mom. I haven't even done any VCs since mid-December. It means my breathing is still far from okay. 

Post-PT rest before I went home. Wearing my heart surgery scar proudly.

We took it slowly starting with some leg stretching, back exercises and then worked our way up to help open up my lungs. I was really surprised she had me exercise with dumbbells. It was just a kilogram, but felt like it was 5 kg.! Soon enough the session was over. I survived and I'm so far okay this morning (usually the effects are delayed lol). 

The session yesterday was challenging for me, but I need to continue working on my body. I puttered around the house after eating breakfast. I'm exhausted now so will need to recharge for the second half of my activity which I'll do this afternoon.   

Tomorrow Sweetie has a surprise for me!

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