Sunday, February 21, 2021

My Pokemon Go Kanto Tour Experience

Yes I still play Pokemon Go and have surprisingly progressed despite just being home. It has been part of my motivation to walk more the past couple of weeks. I saw the announcement about the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto in early January. I did not plan on joining it since I know it will require a lot of work. 

Woke up bright and early yesterday and on a whim got a ticket and started catching Pokemon. I used it as motivation to stay up since I wasted Friday away sleeping. Sweetie also got a ticket an hour after I joined and we soon realized there were parts of the tour that required you to be near a gym and Pokestops. Sweetie suggested we eat lunch out. 

Before we left we worked on trading the required red and green trade, can you guess what Sweetie is referring to below?

We headed to the nearby mall. The Grab driver laughed because we rode to the mall. I would not have survived walking a kilometer under the midday sun. We had lunch and the nice thing about the local mall is they have seats you can rest at that are surrounded by Pokestops hehe. So we were able to keep my walking to a minimum and we finished the outdoor requirements of the game. 

I dressed up for the occasion haha. I just got a new pair of white sneakers... errr Pokemon white sneakers. My friend Anne said I'm lucky my feet are still teenager size. I just ordered the sneakers online and it arrived last Friday. It fit perfectly and I didn't have any break-in pains. I also wore a Pokemon shirt I got sometime ago and Poke ball earrings (they were discreet so Miggy won't disown me haha). I just felt like dressing up to the occasion (okay the shirt was mostly hidden because I wore a jacket, it was freezing in the mall).

So how does it feel catching 151 Pokemons in 12 hours? It was exhausting but fun. I got into Pokemon because of Miggy. He absolutely loved it when he was a child and we played it on the computer. He is my Pokemon master and he's the one who taught me all the tricks. I started playing Pokemon Go during a trip in Tokyo and it was Japanese teachers who taught me how to play it. I don't really play a lot of games, I still play Pokemon mainly because my boys still play it and it's something we talk about all the time. It's also been part of my recovery program because I'm not naturally athletic.  

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