Friday, February 5, 2021

Ventured Out Alone for the First Time in 2 Months!

"Good job in coming alone!" exclaimed my doctor's nurse when I arrived for my appointment today. It's been two months since I've gone out on my own. Sweetie has always accompanied me when I have to see my doctor. 

It's been a month since blood clots in my lungs were found (pulmonary embolism). When I got home after 11 days in the hospital I was surprised that I was unstable when I walked. I clutched Sweetie's arm when we went out of my hospital room to freedom. I had to learn to be confident again to walk without holding on to Sweetie or rails. It took a week before I left go of Sweetie's arm when we went for our evening walks, but then I got admitted again after ten days. 

I was in the ward again for 5 days and walked around my room (with the dextrose in tow) everyday. I didn't want to start from zero again when I went home. When I got home we re-started our evening walks. I worked mostly on increasing the distance I could walk without getting breathless. I'm improving and I had to be brave about going out by myself today. 

I had a huge smile on my face when I saw the Grab car that picked me up. It had Pikachu stickers all over it! I asked uncle if he played Pokemon Go. He said no and explained why his car had stickers all over. His son works for the Pokemon company that organizes Pokemon events here in Singapore. He named a few events and I told him I've been to some of them haha. I had a good feeling about my expedition. 

My doctor was happy with my progress. He explained that there are many patients who never know the reason for their clots. He said be comforted with the fact it isn't cancer or an issue with my IVC, legs or arms. It's just what it is. He also said it's good that I've been walking after dinner. I could also start doing PT again. Yay! I'm not in good condition yet to go back to work and will need to rest for now. 

I was so happy with my progress I thought I'd buy Sweetie his favorite Mexican coffee bun. Managed to get it and went home. I'm properly exhausted now and will now just rest. I'm happy I was able to finally go out alone and buy bread! With God's grace I hope to be back to normal soon. 

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