Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Parteeh in My Dreams

I had the most fun dream last night. I was thinking of friends I haven't seen in a long time, specifically my blogger friends I met over a decade ago. I met a lot of them through the blog parties I used to organize and through the Philippine Blog Awards. It was so lucky to meet so many people across the country who had a passion for blogging. We'd meet up when I traveled and for events (and of course pig-out at yummy restos). 

iBlog will always be memorable.

Most of my blogger friends don't blog anymore. I blogged sparingly since I moved to Singapore. I had the chance to meet my blogger friends when they come here to Singapore or when I travel. Some I'd bump into at the airport! It's been awhile since I've done any domestic travel so it's been hard to see everyone. I honestly don't really like video calling since that's all I do at work, so I keep in touch through chat (yeah old school!). 

At the Blog Awards Visayas 2010.

Last night I was thinking about friends I haven't seen for a long time and how they tie up to my life story. I was thinking about that because I want to remember how I was before life got so busy. I need to understand my core and what makes me happy. I think it's important for me to work that out so I can heal completely. 

The first Philippine Blog Awards. Still don't know why they had me host lol. 

So the tggss tggss party became a dream. I was with my blogger friends, including those who have passed away - Juned, Coy, AJ, Eric and Hershey. They were all there together with my other friends. We were all just very happy and giggling as always. And there was a lot of food, just like the blog parties at Taste Asia

That time LuzViMin Bloggers conspired with Sweetie for his proposal!

So just like Harry, Hermione and Ron when they were looking for the horcruxes, I think I found one part of me. I am a blogger. Writing has always been a part of me because that's what my Mom encouraged me to do since I was 8 (see the description above haha). 

If I remember correctly this was at a workshop in Davao. (With Ria, Andrew and Kring).

I haven't done any video calls for almost two months now. I still get breathless when talking (I let Sweetie do most of the talking for now hehe). Maybe once my lungs can take doing VCs I should organize a blogger Meets call (of course it has to be Google Meets and not Zoom hrhr). 

If you're one of my blogger friends and want to see more photos, here's more!

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*I have more photos but my album names are a mess. Ping me if you're looking for a blogger community related photo from those years. Can't seem to find my DFAT photos! Grrrrrr.

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