Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Zipper Practice! Made a Quilted Pouch

Thought I'd match the quilted laptop sleeve I made for my friend with a small pouch. She could use it as a pencil case or for knick-knacks. It would fit the pocket of the laptop sleeve or she could put it in her bag. I originally wanted to make a pot holder or coaster, but she probably won't use it. My friends who I gave mug rugs ended up just displaying the project. They said it's too precious (hehe). I want to make items that are useful, so I thought a pouch/pencil case would be better to make. 

I also wanted to improve my skills. I have a friend who makes amazing bags in all shapes and sizes, with zippers! So this project was meant to test my zipper skills. It did not disappoint because I made a mistake adding the lining. I had to remove the stitches and that took at least 30 minutes, hahaha. 

The project just took one night to make. I made it while watching some YouTube videos. It was a great way to be productive and it required me to move between the family room (where I sew now) and my maker room (where all my stuff is). We were home bound the past week anyway because of the typhoon. This week I have to schedule my pulmo rehab. Hopefully no more typhoons for the time-being. 

Well, here's how I made the pouch with a zipper -


Special thanks to Sweetie for lending me his toy studio so I could take a nicer photo of the project, hehe. Here's how it looks under ispesyal lights -

More info on how to make this pouch at:

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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