Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Retaso Project 2: DIY Small Wallet

Going through the scrap fabric I've collected for a few years now made me think about how my Mom was very creative. She could turn anything into something useful. She turned my old magazines into useful desk containers and boxes. She did the same for the yellow pages, newspapers and other types of scrap paper. So I thought I'd test my creative skills and make some of my scraps into something useful. 

Last week I turned the leftover denim-like fabric I used for the blender cover into a potholder. The second piece of scrap fabric was a bit challenging. It was quite small, but after measuring it I thought I could make it into a small wallet. I just added additional fabric which I found in the scrap pile. 

Here's how it turned out -

And how I made it -

I have a few more "leftovers" which I want to "flip" (as they call it in real estate) to something useful. Let's see what I can come up with before I move on to my next project :)

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