Saturday, September 16, 2023

Organizing My Garden Tools

I had all my garden tools in a chest when we were in Singapore. I managed to bring the chest home with some of my tools (I left most of it and materials with friends). My tools and materials though got scattered around the house because of the renovations. We've been working on organizing the plants and tools the past few weeks. 

Sweetie gave me one of his steel shelves so I could use it for my gardening tools. I worked on organizing it the past few days. I found an old plastic drawer. It was useful to store smaller items like fertilizer, measuring cups and disposable gloves. This will make it easier for me to find the items. I used to have it inside the chest and it was a huge task just looking for things. 

I organized spray bottles in homemade fertilizer in a crate. Glad I'm able to store it on the shelf now since it was occupying space in my maker room powder room. Now I don't have to go inside and out and inside again if I forget to pick up something from the maker room. I removed all the bottles I stuck in plants when we went to Bohol and kept them at the bottom of the shelf for future use.

I emptied the chest and sorted what we stuffed in it over the past few months. Found some materials I got last year which would be useful for some plants I need to re-pot. I washed the chest before I returned the materials. I just had a few succulent pots, some pot bases, succulent soil, compost and coconut husk. I realized I could use the chest when I need to pot and re-pot plants. Sitting on a stool would be easier than sitting on a bangkito. I'll try it out soon. 

I'll probably move around stuff. What's important for me is to remember where I put things, haha! I didn't realize I still had stocks of succulent soil, small pebbles and compost. I thought I didn't have any anymore, good thing I didn't buy anything yet. I probably just need to get more terracotta pots. I prefer them over plastic pots. I brought home some plastic pots from Singapore and they all disintegrated already (probably because of the heat). Mom also told me it's better to use terracotta or clay pots. 

Spending an hour or two gardening twice a week is good for the soul. It's been a good way to unplug and keep calm. I'm glad we were able to settle the issues we were having from the ongoing construction beside us. I couldn't stay outside because the workers kept smoking (and well they damaged our firewall too) :'( That's why we fought for my sanctuary. It's our home and we have to be safe in it. 

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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