Saturday, September 2, 2023

Accidentally Grew a Tree

I was working on harvesting compost from our bins and was surprised to see a plant in the bin. I told the boys not to add anything to the bin so it would finish. Left the cover partially open so it could breathe. I prioritized other garden projects and only found time yesterday to harvest. 

I pulled out the plant. It was more than a foot long. The root was growing from a fruit which looks like mango. Our neighbor has a tall mango tree and sometimes some fruits would fall in our backyard. I sometimes leave the compost bin open, so maybe one of the fruits fell in. 

As they say, nature finds a way. I planted the seedling in a pot. I'm going to read up on how best to grow it. It would be fun to grow a mango tree since Mom had several trees in her backyard before. I think there's one left since the others were affected by typhoons. 

The fire tree seeds I planted didn't grow. The seeds may be past its prime already, so this is a good replacement. I also have several palm trees that grew on their own. Maybe some birds dropped the seeds. I've been putting them in pots. Will give them away to anyone who wants it. 

Happy Saturday everyone!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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