Friday, September 22, 2023

How I Learned to Cook Pinoy Style Breakfast Eggs

We always had scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions for breakfast and I absolutely loved to eat cheese omelette. The funny thing is I never really learned how to cook at home. The first dish I learned to cook by myself was spaghetti. My seatmate at OHSI, Maica, taught me her spaghetti recipe. She had to teach me several times until I got it right. I eventually adapted the recipe and adjusted it.

Anyway, back to breakfast eggs. Sweetie and I were newly married and we eventually ran out of food rations from Mom (leftovers from Christmas parties). Ordering food was expensive, so I finally tried to learn how to cook. One day I tried to make the usual eggs with onion and tomatoes. I even carefully sliced the veggies (my slicing skills were very circumspect back then). I know it's a very simple dish, but the veggies turned out raw. Ugh. 

I eventually asked our cleaner how to properly cook it. She said I have to saute it first before adding the eggs. If it's scrambled, you can add the egg as is. If it's an omelette, better to remove it from the pan once it's cooked. Ohhh! I was such a noob back then and didn't know the basics. During that time YouTube was still quite new. It was Dominic Ochoa (yes, the artista) who told me he learned how to cook by watching YouTube videos. Ahhhh! 

I could have probably learned how to cook if I paid attention whenever someone cooked at home. Daddy was really good at cooking, but his hands were really fast! The only thing I managed to learn from him was his beef mustasa dish. Ah well, I eventually learned more dishes by following recipes and watching YouTube. 

And that is the purpose of Recipes for My Son. I realized I should have learned what my elders used to cook for us, so I thought it would be useful to document how we cook things at home. It's been fun to make because Miggy and I have to tandem whenever we cook at home. Lately, a number of the dishes we've been posting were cooked by Miggy (I usually do the marinating). It's also useful for me since sometimes it takes me awhile to cook something again (also the same for my sewing tutorials, I make it for me). 

I'm hoping we'd be able to cook more. There's a long list of recipes I want to try!

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