Friday, September 15, 2023

Why We Cook Our Adobo with Lots of Sauce

Every household in the Philippines have their own version of adobo. I learned how to cook adobo from several people, my Dad, my housemate's ex and Gerry Alanguilan. I tried all their methods and eventually found the mix I liked. Like me, my boys also like our adobo with lots of sauce. I make several types of adobo: chicken and pork adobo, chicken or pork only adobo, Spanish adobo, and adobo with cheese. I haven't made adobo with cheese in awhile, so I might make that next time. I haven't made adobo with gata yet, that's something I want to learn.

I cook my adobo with lots of sauce, like really a lot of sauce. I purposely do that so we could have leftover sauce for adobo rice. I normally make a a kilo and a half and x2 if I send some to my FIL (and Mom before). We also cook lots of rice so we can have adobo rice the next day. Yes, we're gaga over adobo. It's also easy to just pop it in the freezer if there's too much. 

Here's how Miggy made adobo rice recently :)

Or maybe I'll make some Spanish adobo if we find dalandan :)

What's your favorite adobo?

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