Thursday, September 7, 2023

That Time I Went On the Hello Kitty Flight

I was so fascinated with themed airplanes. A few years ago I managed to book a Hello Kitty flight from Taipei to Tokyo. It was hard to find and I had to book it on a special page on the airline's website. I was so excited when the day finally came. Never mind that the flight was not too long (about 3 hours). It felt super short to me, probably because I was super distracted with everything inflight. 

Taipei airport had a special section dedicated to Sanrio and Hello Kitty. It was a delight to see! Head over to my travel blog, Lakwatsera Ako, to see photos of the airport. I want to focus on what I experienced inflight on this blog (I realized i never really blogged about it!). Do note, this happened back in 2015. I'm not sure if this flight still exists (I think it's Pokemon now?). 

Anyway, I was so excited to board the plane. I think the flight crew felt it and they kept visiting me (haha). I think I was the only one really excited about the flight because majority of the passengers were men in black suits! I guess they were mostly businessmen shuttling between Taipei and Tokyo. They didn't seem to notice that the plane was decorated in Hello Kitty.

Aside from the body of the plane, the inside of the plane had Hello Kitty all over it. The seats, pillows, the earphone case, screen, flight and safety info card and menu had the Hello Kitty branding on it. 

What caught my eye was the shopping magazine. It was full of Hello Kitty and Sanrio branded items. Of course, I didn't let the opportunity pass. I got an apron (the same one the flight crew wore) and a jewelry box with several pairs of Hello earrings. I just recently started using the apron (finally unearthed it) and I use the special Hello Kitty earrings whenever I travel. I was tempted to get other items, but held back since I was going to Tokyo where there's a lot more HK stuff. 

The food that was served was Hello Kitty themed, of course. I couldn't help but giggle over the fact that tight-lipped businessmen were forced to eat cute little things. I guess I was happy enough for everyone in the flight. It felt like Christmas for me and wished my boys were with me when I experienced it. It was a great experience and maybe someday I'll get to experience the Star Wars or Pokemon flight. 

I was one very satisfied customer. It was a great experience and I'm happy I was able to do it :)

Read more about the Hello Kitty airport theme at Lakwatsera Ako.

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