Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Retaso Project 1: Quilted Potholder

I've been collecting scrap fabric for a few years now. I set it aside since quilt projects don't require huge pieces of fabric. There are times also that I have excess pieced together fabric from projects. While cleaning up my sewing area I found several pieced together denim like fabric from the cat quilt projects I made last quarter. 

Looked at the size of the scrap (retaso) and realized I could make a potholder out of it. It's been awhile since I made potholders. The ones I have in the kitchen are still good, but they've been washed several times already and are showing wear and tear. 

TBH, I was tempted to skip filming, but the primary audience of my quilting/sewing vids is actually MYSELF. Yes, I watch my videos so I can re-learn from it and improve my skills. I recently re-watched my tote bag video because I had to figure out how to add lining to the pouch

Anyway, the potholder was pretty straightforward to make. Since it was scrap from the kitchen covers I made, it matches the kitties around the kitchen. Here's how I made the potholder:

I finished it in one sitting since it was practically ready to be quilted. I also used scrap wadding and scrap insulating wadding. The potholder looks thin, but the insulating wadding is really effective at keeping the head out. Maybe I'll make a mitten once my retaso (scrap) projects are done. 

Let's see what I can make next :)

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