Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Live Well

I've been on the "bench" for a couple of months now. Life has been very different. My calendar used to be full all the time, now I just have appointments with my doctors. I just take things one day at a time for now. 

I was chatting with a friend earlier. She's one of my friends who's thinking about resigning from work. I have other friends who recently resigned as well. They all have the same reason for leaving their job -- too much stress. 

My Dad wanted me to be an entrepreneur after graduation. I stubbornly resisted it. Eventually I tried to be an entrepreneur with my best friend. We got too engrossed with the creating part and ended up not selling anything haha. After that I got sucked in the corporate world. 

I followed the corporate path because that was what I was conditioned to do. At school everyone dreamed of getting a job at a top company. We even had a career counselling class where you had to plot your path. I don't remember anyone who wanted to become an entrepreneur. 

Everything is up in the air for me for now. My friend told me earlier just to "live well". And that's what I'm doing for now. What about you? Is your job stressing you a lot? Are you living well? 

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