Sunday, May 16, 2021

Speaking Another Language in My Dreams

I had the strangest dream last night. I was trying to speak in Nihongo with Uncle Fumio. I was trying hard to use what I learned when I took basic Nihongo lessons back in 2018. I woke up because I felt my brain was being squeezed to remember all the verbs and sentences I learned. Haha. 

I decided to study Nihongo three years ago because I was working on the Japan market. I had a great sensei who was based in the UK. She was very patient with me and I learned a lot. I got to use what I learned whenever I went to Japan -- outside of work! Haha. Everyone spoke English at work so I used it more when I took a cab, bought food or asked directions. 

A colleague though told me it'll take me ten years to be fluent. I got sick and so didn't pursue more lessons, plus I was assigned to start another market. It was fun to learn another language. What really helped me aside from my lessons was the app Mem'rise. It helped me remember a lot of words and improved my pronounciation. My sensei said I pronounced words really well. It's probably because we read words by syllable also in Filipino. 

The beautiful view from the office. I miss Japan.

I just remembered the dream now. I'm actually surprised I still remember a lot of what I learned. It's probably just tucked in somewhere in my brain, ready to come out when needed. Haha. Have you experienced having similar dreams?

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