Sunday, May 30, 2021

May Challenge Completed!

I challenged myself this month to level-up my sewing skills. Majority of my projects have been sewn by hand. Sweetie got me a sewing machine, but I only use it for a small part of my projects. I pushed myself to learn more by taking on an advanced project - a quilted tote bag. 

Hand sewing is therapeutic for me so I combined embroidery and hand quilting. It took me ten days to finish the project. I discovered a few things about myself while making the project:

One - I really can't draw! My friends thought I was trying to draw an oversized avocado. I was in fact trying to draw a pair of scissors. LOL. 

Two - Tastas is life when something isn't up to par. Learned this from my Mom. 

Three - Still can learn new things. I've always been wary of using the sewing machine. I just needed a little push. 

Of course, I made a how-to video. Here it is -

More details on how to make this bag on my sewing blog.

For the month of June I plan to finish the Harry Potter blanket. I need to finish it before my scheduled cardiac catheterization! (My doctors are hell-bent on fixing me!). 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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