Friday, May 7, 2021

My Pothos

Managed to save our 5-year old pothos from dying. It did not like the spot where we originally placed it and it deteriorated. I saved it by treating the soil. I snipped a part of it and rooted it in water with honey. I did this to preserve a part of our 5-year old plant in case it died. Both are thriving. 

The cuttings on October 14, 2020; and what it looks like today, May 7, 2021.

My friend Tappy also gave me a pot of pothos. It used to be her office plant. She brought it home and I adopted it. It has outgrown it's pot now. I'm figuring out how best to re-pot it because it's growing so long. 

That's all I was able to do today - take a look at my plants. Still have to rest and recover from the procedure. That will take a few more days. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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