Saturday, May 8, 2021

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

I have so many hobbies, interests and skills. I cannot claim to be a master of any of it. I love to sew/quilt, cook and bake, garden, write, and travel. I had a keen interest in weddings and I play the piano. And I collect Yoda figures. 

I guess I know a hodge podge of things. My Mom equipped me with a lot of crafting skills when I was growing up. She told me I'd never get bored at home if I have a hobby. I started sewing again because I was far from my family. It kept me busy at night while watching Filipino movies via TFC. I didn't know it would eventually help me cope with being stuck at home. 

There was a time I asked myself, why wasn't I an expert of anything? I write, but I was never selected to be part of fancy writers workshops. I play the piano, but I freeze when I need to perform. I can only get by with my cooking and baking. I got my garden up and running, but the plants eventually died. And I find my quilting projects just okay. 

I eventually realized it's not a bad thing to be an expert of anything. Knowing a bit of everything allows you to be more flexible. It also opens the door for you to learn many different things. I think you can do anything as long as you do it with love. 

What do you think?

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