Sunday, May 2, 2021

Make the Most Out of Big Breaks

If you know me well, you would know I'm not an aggressive person. I was never one to raise my hand to volunteer to lead. I'd rather sit back and help where I can. I'm more like my Mom that way. Growing up I witnessed my Dad lead. It was inspiring to see how people respected him and followed his advise. 

I guess that kinda rubbed off me because I was put in situations where I had to lead. I considered those as big breaks for me. As scared as I was I'd always try my best. I oftentimes doubted myself. I drew my strength through prayer. 

I grew a lot through the years. I'm still the same shy, introverted person, but when needed I pull myself together to step up. Early on I learned that being authoritarian is not the right way. You also hurt a lot of people that way. Big breaks are given to you because of the belief that you can do the job at hand. You also need to remember that no one is indispensable.

Photo by Norman Gorecho.

One of the biggest breaks I've had was to develop communities. I just followed what I learned from my parents. I focused on showing the way how others can use their passion to contribute to help. I've been indisposed for many months now and I'm happy to see the communities thriving. 

Big breaks may come to you because you're entrusted with an important responsibility to help others. Use it to inspire others to come forward and grow. 

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