Monday, May 18, 2020

The Balcony Farmer

I've been wanting to turn my brown thumb into green for more than ten years now. The only success I've had in gardening was ten years ago when I accidentally spilled a bag of mustasa seeds on our lawn. It didn't take long before the seeds started to sprout and a few weeks later I had more mustasa than I needed. My Mom had to help me with the crazy amount of mustasa I produced. 

Picking strawberries in Benguet.
The quest to turn my brown thumb to green begins again. 

My gardening journey though was interrupted because I moved to Singapore. All the plants I was trying to grow were adopted by my Mom. She had to revive most of them because when my family moved to a new place a lot of insects started eating up my plants. Most of the plants are still alive and my Mom is still taking care of them. 

We tried to plant some stuff the last few years, but our old apartment didn't have a balcony. Our landlord left us a plant to take care of and luckily it's still alive and healthy after 4 years. We brought it with us when we moved, but need to check if we should return it to the old apartment when the circuit breaker is over. One of the things we had on our wish list was a balcony where we can possibly do some gardening. 

Last weekend I thought I was ready to try planting again so I did. I watched a gazillion videos on planting/gardening when I was forced to go on medical leave. Sweetie said he was going to try planting some seeds and so I told him I'll plant on those pots he wasn't going to use. I was really hopeful that what I planted was going to sprout. 

My Mom's beautiful garden is always happy because of the care she gives it.
A friend told me her garden has fairies in it.

I went rogue and planted kitchen scraps. It took almost a week, but my experiment actually worked. I've been getting a lot of encouragement and tips from family and friends and just remembered that I created a blog ten years ago to journal my journey. I took a look at the blog just now and saw I actually had readers for it! So thought I'd continue to journal my quest to turn my brown thumb to green. I hope someday I'd be like my Mom. She has the greenest thumb in the whole wide universe :)

Please visit The Balcony Farmer if you're interested to check out my newfound hobby.

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