Friday, May 1, 2020

Lipat-Bahay in Singapore

I moved to Singapore for work in 2011 and that time we had the benefit of staying at a serviced apartment for a few months. It was a spectacular place and I still remember the housekeeper who would come everyday to clean the apartment. She's Filipino and we talked a lot when she was around.  The building is gone now and has been replaced by a new one. It was the only time I lived in Orchard. 

I moved in my neighbor from Manila after I left the apartment. I didn't have that much stuff when I moved and I just took a taxi to my new home in Sengkang. We lived there for a couple of years and that was the home I lived in when I recovered from my heart surgery. After that we moved to Buangkok. I enjoyed living in Buangkok since the MRT was near and there was a hawker center and 24-hour grocery in the area. It was in Buangkok where I re-discovered my passion for quilting. 

My awesome housements, Jajah and Ronnie. 

My housemate eventually found love, married and moved to the US. Oh I forgot to mention we also had a guy housemate who was younger than me and my friend. We called him "baby boy" haha. He eventually moved in with his gf and that was when Miggy moved to Singapore to study. Miggy took over "baby boy's" room. My friend though always took care of everything (bills, finding a place, paying rent and moving). I realized how hard it was when Miggy and I eventually moved to Harbourfront. We decided to get our own place since Sweetie was moving to Singapore also at that time. 

Walking through the park in Buangkok to get to the MRT.

We loved Harbourfront area since we could easily just walk to Sentosa beach for exercise. 

Moving in Singapore is fairly easy. You can just search for a place on Property Guru and book a viewing with the agent. We tried this way in March, but realized that it's much easier if we used an agent. I called up the agent who serviced my friend and me when I moved to Harbourfront. Ahhh it was a much better experience looking for a new place. Here's what's important to know when you need to move -

1. General area where you want to move
2. Your budget
3. Size of apartment
4. Other considerations you may have like proximity to friends, your commute to work etc. 

We rushed our move since we didn't want to get stuck in our apartment any longer and we were scared that the #CB may become stricter. I just got the mover that all my colleagues have been using for many years (Soon Seng Transport). I also used them when I moved from Buangkok to Harbourfront. They will just come to visit you once to assess if you need one or two trucks and then bring you as many boxes you need. It took us less than a week to hire the movers and move! It was super tiring though so I'm appealing to my future self not to get excited about moving again. 

#CB25 #HappyLaborDay #StayHome #BeKind

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  1. I've been to SG twice and I loved it there! Must be really cool to live there. :)