Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Revenge of the Fifth

The moon is full outside tonight and this is one of those days I'd rather delete from the calendar. I missed my second alarm and woke up a bit dazed and worried that I may have missed my meeting. It was dazed when I got up. I told myself that maybe it was because I was having a weird dream just before I woke up. After I went to the bathroom I sat down on the couch to think whether I should go see a doctor or not. Sweetie then came out of the room and asked me how I was and whether I wanted to go see a doctor. 

I have been feeling some unusual symptoms since Sunday night. I thought it was just overfatigue from working 11-hour days since March and working to fix our new home during weekends. I took a sick leave yesterday to rest and by end of day yesterday I was feeling a bit better. I even checked my calendar to see my schedule for Tuesday. While sitting on the couch I realized that the heart is a delicate organ and it can betray you without any cause. I decided to see my doctor because work can wait and it's better for me to make sure there's nothing funny going on in my system.

Good thing I went to see my doctor. It wasn't just fatigue I was feeling. There's something wrong somewhere and my doctor had me do some tests today. I'm also on a holter for the next 24 hours to check if there's anything irregular with my heart's rhythm. I've been doing so well for a couple of months now. Working long hours probably took it's toll on me. I'm on forced rest for the whole week. I hope and pray that it's just fatigue and nothing serious. I guess Papa God is telling me to get some rest for now. 

I used the title "Revenge of the Fifth" because today my body revenged on me. It's what it does whenever I've had too much. And, yes, I'm also alluding to the revenge of the Sith in my country. They shut down the largest broadcast company during a pandemic. It's just truly unbelievable what some people can do because of greed. God please save the Philippines. 

#CB29 #StayHome #BeKind

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