Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lakwatsa Scenarios We Think About on Weekends

I've been sick the last few days and so I've just been resting mostly on the couch during the day. Doctor said my tests have come back normal so my illness is probably because of an imbalance from taking blood thinners. My doctor has taken me off it and I'm waiting for his advise on what to do next since I still feel weak and dizzy at times. I'm not sure why it happened, I hope it means I'll be off blood thinners from now on? 

Anyway, one of my friends pinged today and we talked about what she'd like to do for herself. She mentioned domestic and international travel. That got me thinking about places I miss visiting and places I'd like to explore more once it's safe for me to travel. On weekends, Sweetie and I usually have this conversation -

I think this was at SM Makati last December.

Sweetie: I'll go down to warm up the car and then you follow.

Me: Okay! We'll have lunch in Glorietta?

Sweetie: Yes, then we'll hear mass at Landmark and buy hopia after. 

Me: Yay! I'm so excited! Can we pass by National Bookstore too? 

Yup we're a little crazy like that, although we've been doing that since we moved to Singapore. That's how a typical Sunday is for us when we are in Manila. 

Aside from our usual haunts we always talk about food we miss from back home... 

Like, Dayrit's

My favorite cheeseburger.

Makati Supermart spaghetti

My all-time favorite spaghetti.


Banana ketchup anyone?

Jollibee (of course)

Jollibee forever!

And even McDonald's coz they have spaghetti over there

This was many, many years ago in McDonald's Bali.

Even Chowking

I attended a Chowking event once...

Commune - I super miss the longganisa pasta!

It's not only about the food in Commune, but also the company.

Don Henrico's - buffalo wings please!

Of course, let's not forget Shakey's!

Sbarro, Pixie's Sinugba, turon at SM! I haven't included here my favorite milk tea places! I'll reserve that for my Tea, Completely blog.

For now we just dream.

#CB31 #StayHome #BeKind

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