Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Seeing Through the Fog

My general happy mood usually changes whenever I get sick and a dark cloud usually settles on my head. It's a huge struggle to get out of it when I don't feel well. I went to see my doctor today because my BP was low yesterday. I actually had to stop working around 4 in the afternoon and Sweetie put his foot down and had me rest (yes, usually I'm so hard headed). 

This was taken a week after Miggy went back home to Singapore. We were so sad when our nest went empty and we kept going out because we didn't want to go home to an empty nest.

I tried meditating several times the past week, but it didn't work. I prayed. I slept. I wrote. I quilted. I played the piano. I cooked Japanese-style hamburgers last Saturday. I called my Mom. My mind was so noisy nothing worked. It always happens to me when I get sick and it's a terrible feeling. 

Moving on...

It was my friend Cathy who sent me a meditation resource. I selected a three minute meditation guide by Chade Meng Tan. It worked! The fog dissipated just like that. I had a chat with friends and I realized that I should make sure I find the right meditation guide to follow. I'm so relieved I finally snapped out of the fog. Thanks so much Cathy and Iris for the chat today. 

Off to our weekly bread-run. We've expanded our walks by taking the long way back to our unit.

Being on "lockdown" is very hard on all of us. The med-tech who took my blood today told me that we could actually go out for walks now. I still need to be cautious and I don't think Sweetie will allow me to go out yet. I have to be content for now when we go down to buy bread on the vending machine (vid here). For the meantime I need to get back on my exercise routine. That will surely help with my well-being. Please pray for me. 


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