Wednesday, May 13, 2020

That Time I Went to Melaka

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Melaka for the first time. I was really excited to go since it's been sometime since I visited a new place. I took a short airplane ride from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur airport. A friend helped me hire a car and the driver picked me up from KL airport. It took us about 2 hours from the airport to my hotel in Melaka. After check-in she dropped me off to my gig. 

I should have closed my eyes coz it was so sunny haha.

After work I had the opportunity to walk around Jonker Walk. I was ecstatic because I had been sickly and it was one of the few trips I was able to do alone. I even sent photos to my Kuya to show him I was doing well after the session he did for me. I didn't really know much about Melaka and I purposely did not read up about it because I wanted to discover things on my own and through locals. At Jonker Walk I went through the many shops, tried some of the food and was amazed about the different products made out of gula melaka. It reminded me of something similar we have in Bicol. I have a sweet tooth and I was perfectly at home in Melaka.  

Went back the next day and tried a different drink.

After walking around Jonker Street I passed a strip of the Melaka River which looked absolutely stunning in the late afternoon. 

I hung around the plaza observing tourists. People were taking photos all over the place. I people watched while I drank the milk tea I bought from Jonker Walk. I continued chatting my my Kuya there and shared him some photos I took around, especially the super red church. 

I was so happy about hanging out in Jonker Walk, I went again the next day! I tried more food and bought some pasalubong  in the corner shop which was popular for tourists. I didn't buy a lot since my suitcase was tiny. The only other adventure I did was to have lunch at Ee Ji Ban. It's a popular chicken rice ball resto that my friend, Amir, recommended I try. He said chicken rice ball is really popular in Melaka and it was mandatory for me to try it haha. I probably looked crazy, excitedly eating alone. It was a happy experience though and after that I crossed to the nearest Starbucks to do a call. 

I dunno how I managed to finish all of these by myself!

I travel a lot for work and I realized I haven't really blogged about my experiences. I have about ten years worth of travel photos I haven't written about (been busy!). So thought I'd start writing about those experiences. It will also help me remember more happy days that have passed.

What about you? What was the last place you visited before the lock-down?

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  1. Osaka, Japan, last January. Little did we know that covid was there already. Ha ha!