Saturday, July 30, 2022

Plantita Saturdays: Oh Hello Ms. Petunia

I was so happy yesterday after seeing the negative result of the antigen test. Took a shower and headed down to my craft room to avoid the bad air quality. After eating lunch I went out to check my plants. I noticed that those that survived the higad invasion have recovered. Their leaves are shiny again and they are becoming bushy once more. Lesson learned, don't wait too long to get help from professionals to take care of pests.

Anyway, as I was inspecting the plants I was pleasantly surprised a flower blossomed from the aglaonema pot. Mom gave me the pot early this year. It grew so beautifully and I took a photo of it a few days before it got infested with caterpillars. What I didn't notice was it had a companion plant in the same pot. I had no idea what it was until today when it suddenly blossomed a beautiful pink flower. 

Ms. Petunia

Of course being the noob gardener I am, I immediately took photos and used Google Lens to identify it. Ruellia simplex, also known as the Mexican petunia. I placed the pot of aglaonema on the top shelf of the plant stand because I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be targeted by a pest again. I really took care of it in the past month to make sure it's pest free. Also added some soil and fed it some fertilizer and neem oil to nurse it back to good health. Little did I know the companion plant would produce a beautiful pink flower. 

Aglaonema, little did I know Ms. Petunia was it's companion.

I'm fawning over the lone flower because it's the first time I've successfully made a plant flower. I know it was accidental, but it gives me hope that I'll be successful with my other plants. And it is a pink flower. It's a sign for me that me and my boys, we'll be okay. We have our loved ones up there watching over us, our family and friends praying and supporting us and we have each other. It'll probably be a week more before I get to hug my boys again. 

Happy gardening friends!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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