Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mom for 27 Years

It wasn't easy for us. I was a single mom for over a decade. I was lucky though because I had Mom and Dad who were always there for us. And now Miggy is 27 years old. It's been a long arduous journey for us. It was just the two of us, then Jay joined our little family, tumultuous years when I moved to Singapore and eventually we decided to all live in Singapore. The hardest part was when Miggy decided to go back home after his studies. Being empty nesters was the worst thing ever. 

Good thing I took a break and was able to be with Miggy. What we didn't know was we'd be apart for almost two years because of the pandemic. And that's probably what broke me. Miggy has always been and will always be my powerhouse. He is the miracle that keeps me going. 

I guess other moms can easily understand what I mean. We carry our child for 9 months and would protect them with our life. What I realized when we became empty nesters, I cannot live without Miggy. Being apart for two years was more than enough time for him to be free (haha). I cried when I finally got to hug him after quarantine. 

My Mom played a huge part when Miggy was growing up. He was always with her when I was at work. She was the doting lola and there were times he'd prefer to be her because I was the disciplinarian. I must say he is the favorite apo because he's the one who she sees all the time (everyone else is abroad). 

Through the years my Mommy skills have grown and developed. We're now on a different path since he's already an adult. He takes care of me now more than I take care of him. One thing will never change though, our bond and love for each other. 

Love you forever Miggy. Thank you for making me a mom. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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