Monday, May 23, 2022

Childhood Favorite: Dayrit's

My love affair with Dayrit's is like a tale as old as time. I was a young child when my parents started bringing me there. I first tried the sizzling spaghetti, but since it was served really hot I still preferred my Tita Olive's spaghetti. It was the ginormous cheeseburger that sealed the deal for me, for life! My family rarely dined out, but whenever we did it was either we eat at Good Earth, Dayrit's or Jade Garden. 

When Sweetie and I were stuck in Singapore for almost 2 years we'd search for Dayrit's on Grab. Haha! We knew it was impossible, but that's how bad we missed it. When we arrived in November a friend promptly sent us goodies from Dayrit's after we finished our quarantine. I was ecstatic and promptly cooked the hamburger steak. Few days later I made some chorizo pasta (recipe here!).

So after my check-up today we grabbed the opportunity to dine at Dayrit's. It felt like stepping back in time because everything looks the same. They just had more goodies available to bring home. We decided to dine in and I was happy to see that most of the waiters were still there. I had my favorite cheeseburger and special iced tea (it's really different!) -

Sweetie had roast beef sandwich -

And Miggy had spam and baked potato. We were wondering though how they made the spam so huge. 

Got home and made telebabad with Mom. Discussed with her what needs to be done to fix her house. I was hoping we'd be halfway through it by now, but there are things holding up the renovations. It honestly took me two years to convince her that we need to fix the house. She finally said yes when I came home. Well, I hope we can get things going and maybe soon we can bring Mom out for a spin too. 

Doing happy things is helping stabilize my health. My doctor though told me this morning I can't have pets. I feel really sad about it since I was hoping we could get a puppy. A friend tried to give me one, but the boys did not agree since I'm already a handful (hehe). Maybe I could negotiate to at least have fighting fish? :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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