Friday, May 13, 2022

How I Dealt with the Thief

I have been staring at the screen for an hour already. I've been writing and deleting my draft. I just feel empty today and just going through the motions. The only good thing that's happened today is I've finally fully taken over my Mom's FB profile. I've been unable to change the mobile number associated to her account the past few months, but I was able to disassociate the kawatans number from it. 

Mother's Day with Mom

Well, not anymore and that fight isn't over yet. In the meantime, I've been able to slowly manage Mom's home better. I'm getting all her bills online, so it's been easier to manage now. I've been able to fix her accounts and I'm slowly rebuilding her savings. 

On election day I bumped into the thief. I smelled her before I saw her. She was right behind me and Miggy. I told the association office it was okay for me to let her in the subdivision so she could vote. I was just wary that she'd attempt to go to my Mom's house. Well, I didn't need to worry about her voting while we were inside the polling area. They weren't listed in any of the precincts. I also checked and good thing she did not attempt to go to my Mom's house.  

I know we'll be okay. A friend reminded me earlier that God is truly taking care of me. I've been able to dodge many bullets. I'm still processing what's been happening. Knowing that I have the biggest and most powerful backer of all behind me (God, of course), makes me less anxious. He is writing my story, your story, our story and I'm sure it will be beautiful. 

#BeKind #StaySafe


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