Saturday, August 14, 2021

Defining Intentions

I've been trying to keep a good balance between online and offline time. There are days when I end up being unproductive because I have my eyes on my phone. It's unhealthy especially for your mental health. I fell into that trap again in the past few weeks. I had to intentionally break the cycle because there are other things I want to do. 

I have been reviewing the things I've learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza*. He is a neuroscientist, lecturer, researcher, educator etc. He's been sharing the science behind being able to heal yourself. He stumbled into it when he broke his spine from a bicycle accident. Kuya enrolled me in his online class to help me and Dr. Joe in a nutshell said that if your behaviors match your intentions then you will have a new emotional experience that would change your body and mind. You can change your future by defining a new intention. 

I followed this as part of my healing process when I had my first PE in 2018. I got better and I continued what I was doing. I realized I missed a huge piece of the puzzle -- getting rid of my addictions. That included being a workaholic, the inability to say no, taking in many challenges, being busy all the time etc. It is my software (mind/personality) problem which has severely affected my hardware (body). I mentioned yesterday why it was a huge struggle for me. I can say this now because I have already accepted that it's a problem and a past I have to move forward from. 

I have a lot of faith that I will be healed through prayer and good intentions. So today I declare that I will be healed and will be biking around my village in the next few months. I will be able to breath freely and the scars and veins (and loose screws) blocking good blood flow will be healed. I will be healed so I can do my next mission. 

*Dr. Joe - you can learn more about healing yourself by looking him up through YouTube, his books or website. It's a really interesting perspective and he's also explaining it scientifically.

Day 15 Minimalism challenge, Stay offline for a day. Haha, this is not possible! As I mentioned I have intentionally been budgeting my time now. I balance my day now by defining what I need to accomplish for the day. I do that first and just use the extra time I have for online stuff. I usually blog now after eating breakfast then I go offline to accomplish my to-do list. It's certainly made me more productive and gives me time to clean up my kalat at home. 

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