Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mr. Stormtrooper's Story

Mr. Stormtrooper celebrated his fourth birthday at home yesterday. We were reminded of it when his arrival video popped on FB. I told Sweetie we should celebrate his birthday! We were not able to celebrate yesterday because both of us were feeling unwell (#signsofoldage). So I thought we could do it today. 

I lined up Mr. Stormtrooper's buddies for a family photo. He used to stay in Miggy's room in our former flat. We put him there to watch over Miggy. Since we moved we put him in the living room so he could watch TV with his buddies. I think he's happier in the living room now since he gets acknowledged by those who VC with us. 

Couch view.
So, how did Mr. Stormtrooper end up with us? Well Sweetie's friend, Hannah, called him up one day and said she had something for us (since we like Star Wars). The store at her place was just going to dispose of Mr. Stormtrooper so she asked if she could have it. They gladly gave it to her. He was due to be disposed that day when she asked Sweetie to pick him up. 

Sweetie would have taken the MRT going home, but Mr. Stormtrooper was required to have his own card! So Sweetie ended up walking through the train station with Mr. Stormtrooper in tow. You can just imagine the many stares he got. Sweetie got a cab and Mr. Stormtrooper had to stay on the front seat. The seat had to be fully reclined for him to fit. Sweetie said the taxi driver kept looking at Mr. Stormtrooper throughout the ride. They also got a lot of weird stares from pedestrians. Haha. 

I've re-uploaded his coming home video here. It was a happy day haha. And yes, we are bringing him home with us. Just need to figure out how we can bring him in one piece (maybe he'll fit the Jolly gigantic box?).

Day 12 Minimalism Challenge, Spend time with loved ones. Well I do this all day now everyday. Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with my Mom. It was pretty hard for me since I start losing my voice just a few minutes through our conversation. Well I usually have her do the talking anyway and just ask questions in between hehe. That was the big thing for me yesterday since I had to lie down the rest of the day. My prayer every night is for God to heal me so I could spend more time with my family. 

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