Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Watching "Crash Landing on You" for the First Time

My friends have been nagging me to watch Crash Landing on You since it aired last December. I didn't rush into it because I was still watching "My First First Love" and I was also busy with "The Witcher".

My expectations though were raised because of the many comments of my friends on social media about the show. I have a godmother who started watching last weekend who finished the whole season in less than 2 days! I told myself though I should just watch and enjoy the show.

The scene where the two main characters first met was interesting, but LizQuen did that already in La Presa (Forevermore, 2014) haha. I think sparks flew at the last scene. That bit really sizzled!

One thing I like about watching Koreanovelas is I see other places on earth. I have been to Korea twice only and I've been curious to learn more about it. Here are some questions that ran in my head while watching the first episode -

(1) Did Yoon Se-ri really travel 1,000 kilometers to reach the DMZ?

I got different results when I researched the distance of Seoul and the DMZ. It's somewhere between 50 to 85 kilometers. Anyway it's still below 100 kilometers and not 1,000 kilometers. Tokyo and Seoul is about 1,000 kilometers apart, I don't think anyone would survive getting blown away that far.

(2) What's the DMZ? Can you visit it?

The Korean Demilitirized Zone is a 250 kilometer strip of land in the Korean Peninsula. It serves as a buffer zone between South and North Korea. And yes it is a tourist place, but only outside. Research also shows it's best to go with a guide.

(3) Are there deers in Korea?

Yes, water deers. I don't remember though if I saw some at Nami Island.

Apart from enjoying the show, I thought I'd use it as a way to learn more about Korean culture. I've been working on Korea since last year. When I was assigned to cover Japan I tried to learn more about the culture by taking basic Nihongo classes. It was a great experience and at least I can tell when our meetings are going well (lots of sodesne) and when it's ending (lots of arigatou gozaimasu!). For Korea I thought I'd take a different approach by watching more Koreanovelas! 

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